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Ok, what is the difference between this section and my blog?

I want the entries here to be more permanent, book-like, and grouped by topic; and less about floating tags, archived dates and the whimsy of the moment. Perhaps there is no difference and one day the two will merge. For now, here is a set of reflections in installment form.

This series is my recollections of some of the extraordinary men and women with whom I’ve studied; how they came into my life, and what I’ve learned from them.

In 2009 I lost one of the most influential teachers of that past decade, and I heard of the passing of another of my most influential teachers from several decades earlier. In this entry, originally written for my blog, I reflect on what their passing meant to me. In subsequent entries, I will be writing in more detail about my memories of these men. Read The Gifts of My Magi here.

In The Gifts of My Magi above, I condensed my entire relationship with Ron and what his leaving life meant to me at the time he passed. In this memoir, I reflect on my first meeting with Ron, my years in his programs, and his indelible impact on my life and ministry. What is it like to know a true mystic: funny, irascible, elevated and earthy; who heals the sick, talks easily with God, loves ABBA and his 4:00 pm latte from Starbucks? Find out here in Remembering Ron: The King and I.


The Gifts of My MagiGifts_of_My_Magi.htmlshapeimage_9_link_0
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