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Of the hundreds of little decisions that have to be made for a wedding, the one place where a couple’s preferences are almost equal is the kind of ceremony and the kind of officiant they want. While in other wedding-related conversations, you might hear: “I don’t like salmon, but if you want it, that’s fine with me;” when it comes to discussing the upcoming ceremony, the word WE has a strong presence.

Your special moment; the I DO moment, is meant to last a lifetime. Lavishing the same care and attention devoted to all the other wedding plans on exactly how that moment occurs is the service I am thrilled to offer you—making sure that the WE is the center of the ceremony.

In designing a custom ceremony just for you, I am committed to being completely sensitive to the strong and tender emotions of the moment and weaving them all into a container to hold that I DO moment that expresses who you are as a couple and what you are declaring your life and relationship to be about.

Your wedding ceremony is a creative collaboration between you, the wedding couple, and me, your officiant. Elements from religious or cultural traditions, or even your special family traditions can be combined to evoke a mood and a moment that reflects what is important to you. Those big ceremonial elements (the ring exchange, the vows) are framed by carefully chosen other elements—such as special rituals (unity candles, for example), music, and readings. And your special story as a couple gets interwoven throughout it all.

Weddings are a time of great joy! But what is often not talked about by wedding officiants is that they can also be a time of great stress! So many expectations from so many people!

A parent’s long-cherished dream of the kind of ceremony—or spouse—their child would have may be turned on its head. In the case of interfaith unions, this can be greatly magnified. A couple might be agnostic, atheist or “spiritual but not religious,” but come from very observant families who dreamed of a big church or temple wedding. One or other set of parents might be divorced or not speaking to each other. Differing religious traditions need to be respected without being watered down to platitudes.

Keeping everyone happy and comfortable, including participating extended family, while still serving the vision of the couple themselves, is a delicate balance and one that I am happy to say I’ve been especially acknowledged for.

My fee includes:

  1. Your initial consultation

  2. A meeting In person to gather your wedding ceremony wishes and your history as a couple

  3. Your custom-written ceremony

  4. A rehearsal

  5. And of course, the ceremony itself!

My fees depend on various factors including pre-wedding rehearsal dinners, extended travel time to the facility, mileage, the number of meetings, and other factors.

After we have had an initial consultation to determine the whole picture, I will provide you with an all inclusive quote. A fifty percent deposit is taken to reserve your date, with the balance due the day of the wedding before the ceremony.

The total fees range between $600 to $1000, and usually fall towards the middle of that range.

email me for a consultation!