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Ever since my early days of haunting Greenwich Village’s 8th Street and the iconic MacDougal street espresso places like Cafe Figaro and La Lanterna di Vittorio (still in existence) I always wanted to own a bookstore, or a small cappuccino shop or both.

Then someone figured out that bookstores and coffee go together naturally. Soon after, Starbucks opened in Barnes & Noble, and on every city block, making the old fantasy even less possible than it ever had been, if it ever had been at all.

Fortunately, Amazon has made it possible for people like me to open a bookstore without actually having to go to all that trouble of renting a place and schlepping boxes and keeping inventory. As my friend Julio once said of me after our art school days: “You never could stand to stretch your own canvasses.” True.

Nettie’s Bookshelf Store has my pre-selected books and other related items picked out from my formidable reading list. I have in-depth reviews here on my website in my Reader’s Guide, and my own brief annotations for each selection in my store. I’ve included Amazon’s “Listmania” feature alongside of each store selection, so you can see related recommendations from other Amazon readers if, like me, you just have an uncontrollable need to rove around clicking aimlessly on links to similar books.

But my store was built with three things in mind:

  1. 1)Almost no one I know reads as much or as fast as I do, and when I hit on a good read, I want desperately to share it, and also to spare other readers with similar interests the duds. Anything annotated on my list is there because it’s worth reading.

  1. 2)Some people who are very close to me (and you know who you are) actually prefer reading reviews to reading the real books, like Cliff Notes for grown-ups. Might as well be my reviews. Find them on my Reader’s Guide.

  1. 3)I have a Spiritual Journey Guides section for the books that most influenced my own spiritual life, and naturally I consider them worth influencing yours.

Of course, I’ll be adding reviews to my Reader’s Guide and books to my store regularly, or irregularly, as it were.

Now, if someone can figure out how to send an espresso along with the books, I’ll open Dean & Sandra’s Virtual Coffee Bar

Stay tuned, and y’all come back now, hear?

Rev. Nettie is proud to announce the Grand Opening of Nettie’s Bookshelf—my virtual bookstore

A Dream Achieved