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Soulfyre Musical Ministries came together in 2003 when the members met while attending Interfaith seminary. It didn’t take long to discover their shared passion for vocal music and the magic that happens when their voices come together in a unique blend of melody, chant, improvisation and joie de vivre!

As ordained Interfaith ministers, the members of Soulfyre shared a commitment to spread the experience of unity and connection to the Divine through music, regardless of the spiritual path the seeker takes. Trained in the backgrounds of the world’s major religions, Soulfyre built its’ performing and workshop repertoires on the music and worship from every tradition they could mine for musical expression, as well as their original songs and chants.

Bringing Harmony 
to Body, Soul & Spirit

In their worship services, workshops and performances, audiences and participants reported being transported to a high realm of spiritual connection. In this divine vibration, many shared a sense of God in a deeply experiential way, as well as finding a healing vibration for emotions and for their bodily ills. 

Soulfyre’s  magic is available for you on their CD: Come Home to Love

                                                    See their BIOS and individual 
contact information here.

Listen to excerpts & download mp3 files 
or order a CD here.


Soulfyre is (left to right): Rev. Janet Lee Kraft, Rev. Nettie M. Spiwack, Rev. Posey Armistead, Rev. Carla J. Ivison. Read their bios here.

Soulfyre performed regularly between 2003 and 2008.

You can hear them forever on their CD!

Welcome   News   About   Blog   Podcast    Live Events   Online Classes   Coaching   Spiritual Healing

Weddings   About Interfaith   Bookshelf   Store   Music with Soulfyre  

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