In this wondrous age of online everything, opportunities to meet face-to-face with like-minded people are ever more precious, and ever more needed—especially for those whose spiritual realities set them apart from more traditional experiences and beliefs.

Called to provide this kind of gathering, in July of 2010, Rev. Nettie, with her colleague and friend Rev. Janet Lee Kraft, started a home-based Sangha, or spiritual gathering, in Fairfield County, CT. We meet approximately once a month. 

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Caroline Myss coined the term “mystics without monasteries”, an apt description of the experience of the awakened—or partially awakened—journey so many are on at this time in history.

This Sangha is dedicated to having a place to share mystical truths as they apply in our lives right here in everyday reality. More important than acquiring “understanding,” we intend in every gathering to experientially access the grace and power of the Holy Spirit, known by many names in different spiritual traditions.

Many of our participants have been engaged in spiritual exploration and practices for many years, and have a rich base of experience to share. 

At this critical time in the evolution of consciousness on this planet, this ministry is committed to bringing illumination to all who are seeking to elevate their own awareness in their lives. We know that for every transformation of consciousness, for every freedom won from the bondage of the small self, it is not just we personally who are affected, but the entire field of consciousness in which we all live.

While the word sangha is associated with Buddhist communities, and satsangh has roots in two Indian traditions, we (neither Buddhist nor Indian) were drawn to it simply because it expresses the sense of spiritual community in a way for which there isn't an English equivalent."Sat" means "Truth" and "sangha" means "community", or, "those with whom we associate." 
Traditional satsanghs are question & answer sessions with a spiritual teacher. But another term for satsangh is: "good company." 

Keeping good company is a means by which we maintain our spiritual health. 

This sangha, or community, is a place to experience the power of healing prayer, the enrichment of noble thoughts, the legacy of the great Masters who have illuminated the way to Truth, and the effect of elevated vibrations on our lives.http://www.janetleekraft.comEvent_Schedule.htmlhttp://www.myss.comshapeimage_6_link_0shapeimage_6_link_1shapeimage_6_link_2





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