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Spirit-Directed healing is a term coined by Dr. Ron Roth,

mystic, healer and former Catholic priest.

The term emphasizes that the person called “healer” is only a vehicle for the Divine Spirit—the source of the healing.

Thus, the term specifies that the “healer” is not the source of the healing, but is the instrument of transmission for that

which we call the Holy Spirit.


Will Spirit-Directed healing cure me?

This is the most natural, and most urgent question asked when people approach spirit-directed healing.

In the case of serious disease and chronic conditions—the circumstance that drives most people to spiritual healers—even medical science is reluctant to declare “cures,” often preferring the term “remission” for a variety of protective and legal reasons.

Just like traditional medicine, spiritual healing may or may not bring about a physical cure.


Ron Roth conducting a healing service

at the Casa in Abadiania, Brazil in 2004.

Rev. Nettie plays guitar in the background

Spiritual healers have a broad definition of what constitutes healing.

You may get physically cured, and you may not. But if you are committed to your healing work, you will heal one of the levels of the human existence: body, emotions, mind or spirit. And you will know it.

Why include Spirit-Directed healing as part of my healing journey?

Spiritual healing work addresses the unseen and unacknowledged emotional and spiritual contributors to physical disease and life’s “dis-ease.” These factors often go unaddressed in traditional approaches. Especially in cases of chronic conditions, where there is so much focus on the physical, addressing these factors can enhance the efficacy of traditional and alternative approaches, or at times, may even result in healing on its own.

Do you believe in instantaneous or miraculous cures?

I know without doubt that instantaneous healing exists. I have worked with, and been in the presence of, some of the greatest healers alive today and have witnessed this phenomenon. I know that what people call “miraculous cures” are actually commonplace.

It was my exposure to that truth that catapulted me into this field.

Everyone would like the magic bullet to hit them, or more accurately, to hit their unwanted condition. (And the healers would prefer it too!) This does happen, and more frequently than most people realize.

Much more often, healing takes place over a variety of time periods and stages. Why this happens for one person at one rate and another person at another rate is an integral and unique part of that person’s spiritual journey.

Why do some people experience amazing recoveries with spirit-directed healing and others do not?

The important thing to remember in every case is, it is not for the so-called “healer” to decide who gets healed and when. In spiritual healing, those decisions are only made by the Divine Spirit.

What people don’t realize is that it can be as difficult for the healer as for the client to accept this!

Spiritual healing regards life conditions, including diseases, as passageways for soul growth and for life lessons. Granted, few people would voluntarily choose life lessons that include pain and suffering or what is perceived as “early” death. But many who have traveled the road of great trials report that as difficult as the journey is, the strength and wisdom that develop from their experiences brings them into closer contact with the people around them, with their soul’s mission, with the Spirit aspect we call God.

It can be difficult to accept if you don’t think along these lines, but for some, rapid or instantaneous healing without the lessons such difficult life conditions bring would actually deprive them—and possibly those around them—of valuable soul growth experiences, and some deep part of the person actually knows that.

I know a young man who suffered for years from severe advanced chronic Lyme disease, and who had the opportunity for an audience with a holy man, one of the greatest healers alive. But while giving him hope for the long run, the holy man did not work on him immediately at the physical level as he wished.

He told me he realized later, upon reflection, that if he had been instantly cured, he would have been quickly pulled back into the negative fast living that he was in before his symptoms stopped everything. Lyme disease literally leveled him. As hard it was, being very sick and recovering slowly, step by painful step, kept him focused on God. Today, he is 90% well and is an awesome healer himself, with well-developed spiritual base. His painful experience grew a great love and compassion in him for others who suffer. And although it was a slow recovery, given where he was before, bedridden and unable to think or speak clearly, with a brain and body teeming with spirochetes, his healing is indeed a miracle.

That is only on kind of example. For others in the same situation, a “miracle” healing might catapult their spiritual growth.

Do you have to be a Christian to experience dramatic spiritual healings?

Not at all—though if you watch some of the religious broadcasting stations it would appear that way. In the mainstream USA it’s the most visible access to spiritual healing, and there is a long tradition of recognized Christian-based spiritual healers such as Kathryn Kuhlman and Aimee Semple Mcpherson.

What is less well-known in America is that there are great spiritual healers of every faith and every tradition from indigenous medicine men and women to Muslim healers to Sufi masters to Indian Masters to mystic-tradition Rabbis. The late Lubavitcher Rebbe, Menachem Schneerson, was known as a great healer.

Then, there are those who, like myself, take a completely eclectic, interfaith approach.

The unifying element is that all true spiritual healers recognize that healing emanates from a Divine Source, by whatever name we call that Source, and that Divine Source is capable of things beyond our limited imaginings. Or, as my mother, a committed agnostic, used to say: “There are no atheists in foxholes.”

The Divine Source or Spirit is where the healing comes from, not from the healers themselves. Any healer worth their salt will decline to claim any credit for the healings that happen around or through them. They know it is the power of God.

Ron Roth leads an open Mass at the Casa for people of all faiths, at the request of John of God. Rev. Nettie is playing guitar, and singing with Rev. Robbins Hopkins. 2004

If I want to receive spiritual healing, is it necessary to be involved with things like angels, spirit guides, mediumship and things I think are too extreme or simply can’t believe?

Fortunately for us, the God-presence within knows exactly what any one person can handle. I believe that God arranges suitable forms to deliver that Divine Healing Love for our condition in a way we can accept.

If someone can only accept medical science and nothing else, then that great Power will work for them through doctors, drugs and other modern miracles of science. If they are oriented towards alternative or integrative practices, the Power might come through Traditional Chinese Medicine, or homeopathy or herbs. If they can accept the idea of energy, but not of a belief in a “God,”  the Power might reach them through any one of the many energy healing modalities, or through machines like biofeedback or SCIO.

If they are an indigenous person, they might get miraculous results from a consultation with their shaman or medicine person. If the person is Hindu, the Power might work through their guru, or through devotion to a particular form of God. If they are a devout born-again Christian, they might be healed through the intervention of a prayer group in the Name of Jesus. If they are a practicing Catholic, the Power may come through an intense devotion to a particular saint, like Padre Pio, the twentieth century mystic, or by novenas to the Virgin Mary.

If the person is open to the idea of angels, but the notion of dead Spirit doctors makes them nervous, then that same Power might come through angelic healing. If the person is open to the possibility of life beyond the body, they might find themselves having spirit surgery from a person like John of God. If they can accept the direct experience of the Holy Spirit, then they might find themselves in front of a credible faith healer.

The more accepting a person is, the more modalities they might try. Someone might simultaneously be using all of the practices I just mentioned. I know that I have.

The painting of Mary was done by Sirlea Lerner, healed of

metastatic cancer by the Spirit entities who work through  John of God. Sirlea had never painted until directed to by the Casa’s Spirit guides. Her paintings carry a healing vibration.

Another way to think about it is this: I think about my niece, who,in her childhood, was terrified of the costumed characters at theme parks and birthday parties. If I wanted to give her medicine, I certainly wouldn’t come dressed as a giant Sponge Bob. But she might accept a chewable Tylenol out of the hands of a Kermit puppet.

If we are frightened of some aspect of a spiritual practice, but are yearning for God’s help in our hearts, God will find a way acceptable to us to bring us the medicine we need—whether that medicine is physical or spiritual. And if God knows that our soul is ready for some expansion, then we might find ourselves in situations that demand we seek outside of what we’ve been comfortable with up to that point. The expansion itself might be just the medicine we need right then.

The point is, regardless of the form in which it comes, all healing is accomplished by the same Force, the Divine Power, the Holy Spirit; God. God is all-pervasive.

The Divine Power is like water—it will take on the shape of the container into which it is poured.

Your beliefs are the container.

What are the results of spiritual healing work?

There are a great many results, depending on the issues. At the simplest level, a healer may pray or meditate with you, and in that raised energy field, sometimes things release immediately and even cures happen. Again, physical healing is only one aspect of the whole.

In my own work, I rely on prayer, and also use the many modalities in which I’ve been trained. For instance, there might be anger issues that left un-addressed will recreate the whole illness, and are keeping the existing illness in place. That’s just one example.

The two results I most value are peace, and a greater connection with Spirit. The two are of course intimately connected. When a person is truly at peace, the Spirit—the divine energy within them—can produce miracles.

And even if the physical ailments remain, the experience of suffering can be transmuted into an entirely different kind of experience.

Would you like to discuss your spiritual healing needs with Rev. Nettie?

Email me for a consultation.

©2006, 2010 Rev.Nettie M. Spiwack  All rights reserved.

* photos, ©2004 by Klaus Heinemann & Gundi Heinemann


FAQ’s about Spiritual Healing/Spirit-Directed Healing

Three of the great Spirit-Directed Healers of our time. Ron Roth & John of God

(center & right) with Paul Funfsinn (left) at the Casa da Dom Inacio in Brazil.