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Rev. Annie Greenleaf of Heart Soul Spirit Ministries lives in Colorado. Annie’s ministry introduces practices of the spiritual journey at different levels of development.  A gifted intuitive, Annie is especially tuned to the vibration of the Ascended Masters,  Annie has run spiritual conferences, charitable efforts, classes and organizations. People can’t help but feel lighter in her presence!

Spiritual Health Healer and Educator

When I need to call in reinforcements, Robbins is the first person I go to. Her deep prayer work moves energy in miraculous ways. In-person and phone consultations are equally powerful. Robbins maintains a busy practice in the DC area, healing and teaching prayer and meditation, and demonstrating the mystic’s path to Spirit. She was one of the first to be ordained by Ron Roth as a spirit-directed healer.  www.robbinshopkins.com

Rev. Lila Taylor is a psychotherapist and licensed Marraiage and Family Therapist, as well as an Interfaith Minister. Lila’s gentle yet strong wisdom and methods of supporting deep inner work have helped many people on both coasts come into emotional and spiritual balance. Lila serves clients in person from a wide range of CT and NY towns, and nationwide by phone consultation. www.lilataylor.com

Rev. Mary Yankee is one of the most gifted intuitive clairvoyants that I know. Mary’s gift is connecting with your guides to help give perspective, meaning and purpose to the events in your life. An ordained Interfaith Minister, Mary has keen insight coupled with deep compassion. She does in-person sessions in Norwalk, CT, and phone consultations. Mary can be reached at reverendyankee@yahoo.com.

Rev. Jan Kraft is an ordained Interfaith Minister, speaker, spiritual teacher and musician. Residing in the northwest corner of CT, Rev. Jan also has a large wedding ministry. She was a founding member of Soulfyre Musical Ministries, and one of our chief composers. Jan partners with Rev. Nettie in Sanctuary Center to lead our monthly Satsanghs. She has numerous CDs of music and meditation. Visit Jan’s site at www.janetleekraft.com

Rev. Dr. Liz has more talents and credentials than anyone should legally be allowed to possess. A spiritual educator, healer, linguist, former computer expert; ordained minister, author and practitioner of SCIO, cutting-edge energy medicine technology, Liz is best known worldwide as a leading animal communicator, named in a British publication as one of the 9 most effective and most influential animal communicators in the world. Liz is in lower NJ, and consults with animals and their humans by phone. Visit her at: www.elizabethseverino.com

Holding dual graduate degrees in Philosophy and Far Eastern Studies, Blain approaches astrology from a wealth of archetypal imagery.

Blain clearly indicates which way the winds are blowing so that you can set your sails accordingly. Less talk about the measurements of stars and more about the archetypal energies that make up your own myth, Blain’s consultation is understandable, empowering, personable, and most important, accurate.


Peter Occhiogrosso is a font of quiet wisdom and a walking encyclopedia when it comes to world religions and spiritual practices. Peter has been co-teaching with Caroline Myss at her CMED institute, specializing in the Sacred Contracts methodology for understanding your archetypal roles and how to work with them in your life. Peter does private archetype coaching, and is the co-author of Caroline Myss’s Archetype Kit.  A prolific writer, editor and coach for authors, Peter has co-authored best-sellers with both Caroline Myss and Ron Roth.

Visit his website: www.joyofsects.com and make sure to click on his World Religions section.

Eve Kerwin is a world-famous channel for White Buffalo Woman, as well as other angels and masters. After many years as an ordinary housewife, a series of extraordinary experiences accompanied her spiritual awakening, which she recorded in a book named, appropriately, The Awakening. She does group and individual work all over the world. Eve is in high demand and does not use email or have a website, but you can email me for her contact info, or find her fan page on Facebook.

Elspeth Anne Beier of Four Pillars Feng Shui is a prominent Feng Shui practitioner in the CT and NY area, specializing in both residential and corporate Feng-Shui. Elspeth has over 30 years of study in Chinese spiritual practices and brings her comprehensive knowledge and experience to her work. Besides, she’s just an awesome person!

Rabbi Roger & Rev. Deb, as they are known, have a long-standing wedding & life-cycle events ministry in New York City. They are the Deans of The New Seminary, where they have been leaders in training and ordaining hundreds of interfaith ministers in the comprehensive two-year program. Rabbi Ross is also a leader of The New Synagogue, founded by well-known mystic Rabbi Gelberman. Visit their wedding website at www.lovingheartsceremonies.com.

Harold Grandstaff Moses’ compositions bring down the Music of the Spheres. Harold is a true Pythagorean: mixing his knowledge of Sacred Geometry, Sacred Music and Healing to create music that pulls you into higher dimensions. His signature piece, “Love Streaming” from his CD Edges of the Soul comes about as close to God as you can get while still in a body. We recorded his chant “Come Holy Spirit”on our Soulfyre CD. A master of inner space, you can visit Harold at www.musicfortheheart.com

Pianist Harry Pickens has performed internationally with many of the finest artists in the jazz field including Dizzy Gillespie, James Moody, Milt Jackson, Freddie Hubbard, and others. He blends an active worldwide performance career with a deep passion for making a difference as a teacher, consultant, and professional speaker. All his music, whether dubbed spiritual or secular, produces a profoundly deep spiritual response. Get his new CD, The Shadow of Your Smile, at CDBaby.

Rev. Paul Funfsinn spent 27 years as Ron Roth’s associate; running countless healing services and conducting his own one-on-one healing prayer consultations. Today, Paul heads the Celebrating Life community as Bishop, and continues in the ministry and legacy of his mentor. Paul’s prayer life is deep and his effectiveness as a healer is quietly profound. www.ronroth.com

Rev. Kerry Chinn has had the grace of clair-cognizance since birth. After serving some time in the more traditional world as an engineer, he could no longer deny his prolific gifts of intuition and healing. Studying Kriya Yoga, and later with Ron Roth and in other energy modalities, Kerry’s life profoundly changed after attending the Oneness University in India. Today he lives in Sedona, and teaches online and in person, as well as through private phone consultations. He is a gem. www.kerrychinn.com

Bob and Diana have escorted groups to Brazil to visit John of God and the Casa de Dom Inacio for over a decade. Bob’s miraculous healing of his blindness first connected them to the Casa. Diana’s life as a professional organizer came to the forefront as they started bringing people from the US and all over the world. Bob and Diana take such exquisite care of the people in their care that you can let go of every worry or concern and just bathe in the healing with delicious love. Not enough good things to say about these two miraculous angels. www.miraclesofjohnofgod.com

Rev. Susi Roos of Evicting Cancer and Blossoming Heart Pathways brings a highly developed and diverse set of talents to her healing and ministry practice. Teaching Mind-Body Medicine at one of the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, she has trained in traditional medicine, studied acupuncture in China, and is certified in many more modalities of physical, emotional and energy healing. Susi is the founder of Evicting Cancer, an educational and inspirational program to introduce people to ways they can reduce, complement or eliminate chemotherapy, radiation and surgery through proven, non-toxic interventions. She is a prolific author; her latest book being Harnessing the Mind for Healing and the Science Behind It.