Ordained as an Interfaith Minister at St. John the Divine Cathedral in NY under the auspices of The New Seminary, Rev. Nettie has literally thousands of hours of study and practice in a wide variety of spiritual and transformational disciplines. Her interest in multiple spiritual paths led naturally to her commitment to interfaith work.

Nettie is also an ordained Spirit-Directed Healer through Celebrating Life Ministries. For six years, Nettie studied in the program for spiritual healers with noted teacher, healer and mystic Ron Roth, Ph.D, for whom she frequently performed as a musical prayer leader during numerous intensives offered by his organization. Today, Celebrating Life is headed by Paul Funfsinn, and Nettie is happy to participate in events and teach with the CL community.

She was introduced to Ron Roth while studying in programs with medical intuitive and spiritual teacher Caroline Myss, Ph.D. These activities led to her meeting C. Norman Shealy, M.D, Ph.D, which resulted in initiating doctoral studies in Energy Medicine at Holos University Graduate Seminary under the direction of Dr. Shealy.

Always in pursuit of the cutting edge of transformation & spirituality, in 2011, Nettie met Mahendra Kumar Trivedi, the astonishing scientist, healer and spiritual master who is creating breakthroughs in the way the world will view science for generations to come. In July of 2011, she joined Trivedi’s pioneering Healing Masters program.

In more traditional pursuits, before turning her attention and intuitive skills to the larger world of spiritual healing, Nettie spent over 25 years delivering training, workshops and human resources consulting programs in more than 50 major corporations. She has facilitated thousands of individuals and hundreds of groups internationally on issues of development, coaching, and career transitions. Nettie’s business book, Coaching Development, Careers & Performance, is in use in businesses around the world. Through her extensive work with the Career Development Team, Nettie has influenced hundreds of thousands of lives.

She was a founding member of Soulfyre Musical Ministries, a singing group of four women ministers who met while in seminary. In five years of performing, Soulfyre dedicated their music to lifting spirit through song, chant and music from many faith traditions. Nettie played guitar and wrote original music for Soulfyre.

Rev. Nettie has made regular pilgrimages to holy places. She has had the honor of performing on two occasions for Sathya Sai Baba at his ashram in Puttaparthi, India in front of tens of thousands of people. 

On a 2004 trip to Brazil, Nettie was acknowledged as a Daughter of the Casa de Dom Inacio de Loyola; the center of the Brazilian healer Joao Teixeira da Faria, known worldwide as John of God.

Learn more about Nettie’s experiences with living & past Masters, and her extraordinary teachers in her Writings section.

Nettie is in the process of publishing a book on her mystical spiritual experiences: It’s All One Life: A Memoir of Baba, Beethoven, Bernstein & Me.


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